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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


In what countries are online sales available?

Germany, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, United States, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Uruguay.


Do I need to sign in to make online purchases?

Yes. To make a purchase through PINEDA COVALIN online boutique, you will need to have an account. Signing in at our boutique has many advantages: It will allow you to access to your previous purchase records and check your order status. You will also be subscribed to our Newsletter to be the first to be informed about PINEDA COVALIN most recent news.


Can I place orders by phone?

Yes, but only in case that you can make payments through bank transfer or by any participating credit card. Please call +52 1(55) 4855 8933 (cellphone) for more information.


How can I know if a specific article is available?

Products that are displayed at our Online Boutique reflect our warehouse stock; you can only purchase 1 piece per product. In case that you require more than one piece, do not hesitate on contacting our Customer Service Department by calling +52 1 (55) 4855 8933 (cellphone) or sending an e-mail to


How can I ensure that my purchase was correctly made?

As soon as you place your order and your payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message. In case that you don’t receive it, we recommend you check your spam or junk mail folder. If you did not receive message in any of your folders, please contact our Customer Service Department by calling +52 1 (55) 4855 8933 (cellphone) or sending an e-mail to


Is it possible to track my order status?

You may track your order by accessing to the control panel in your account at “My Pending Orders”. If you require further information, please call +52 1 (55) 4855 8933 (cellphone) or send an e-mail to


Can my order be canceled or changed?

When an order is placed, it is not possible to change it; to cancel it, please call +52 1 (55) 4855 8933 (cellphone) or send an e-mail to


How many days does it take for my order to arrive and how much is the shipping cost?

Purchases made at Online Boutique take 3 to 4 business days if shipping address is located inside Mexico; shipping and handling fee is $130 Mexican Pesos. If shipping address is outside Mexico, order will take from 6 to 8 business days to arrive; shipping and handling fee could be from $600 to $1000 Mexican Pesos depending on the international destination.


What if I am interested in a product that is not available at Online Boutique?

Products that are displayed at our Online Boutique reflect our warehouse stock; you may contact us at

and we will gladly check availability of the article you are looking for in any other of our boutiques.


Are my credit card and personal information protected?

Your information is completely safe with us; all data is encrypted to prevent information theft. You can find more information in our Privacy Notice.


How can I exchange any product?

To exchange a product, you need to come to any PINEDA COVALIN boutique in Mexico with your sales receipt and the product you want to exchange. It needs to be in perfect condition with its labels and original package.


Exchanges can be done only in Mexico with your sales receipt no older than 30 calendar days.


PINEDA COVALIN reserves the right to refuse exchanging an item if it shows signs of being worn out, washed, damaged or altered.


If you made an online purchase and you need to exchange an item, please contact us at to receive instructions for exchanges for online purchases.


I am interested in making a design for my company. How can I contact you?

For execution of a promotional design, please address your request at; one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.


If I am interested on a custom-made dress, what do I need to do?

Please send an e-mail message to include your personal information such as name, phone number, place of residence. Please let us know about the kind of occasion that you need the dress for and if you have a date of the event when you plan to wear it.


I am interested on information about this brand and its franchises. Who can provide me with this information?

To receive information about our brand, please contact; please indicate the country where you are interested in to open the franchise.


Care instructions for silk applied in purses or wallets.

Silk is a natural fiber; therefore, it needs to be handled carefully. We recommend applying a finishing product to protect it (Scotchgard®). To clean it, we suggest doing it with professional people; we do not provide this service.


My product needs to be repaired. What do I need to do?

PINEDA COVALIN articles are handmade. Some of them can be repaired with no cost. In case of other items, we need to charge to repair them and there are a few of them that cannot be repaired. You may take whatever piece you need to have repaired to any of our Boutiques where you will be advised about the best repair option. You may also send an e-mail to Please indicate what the situation is and attach images showing your product.


How can I send a suggestion?

To have a better feedback from our friends and customers, please send a message to; we will pay close attention to your requirements and comments.


I am interested on working for you. Where can I send my resume?

Thank you for contacting Pineda Covalin. If you are interested on becoming part of our work team, please send your resume to; we gladly will follow up with recruitment process.


Where can I see the video to learn about scarf knots?

A video with different scarf knots is available at our YouTube channel


I would like to receive information about your fashion shows and events. Where can I find it?

Please send an e-mail to, indicating the event or information you are interested at.