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This document describes the way in which we gather and use personal data provided by you. It also describes kinds of data they are and what options are available to limit the use of such data, as well as the method required to exercise your ARCO rights.

Responsible for protection of your personal data Pineda Covalin S.A. de C.V. domiciled in Sinaloa 237, Col. Roma Norte Cuauhtémoc, D.F. 06700, México, is responsible for the processing (use) of your personal data.

  • Our Data Protection Department
    Chief of the Department: Adrián Gomez Montiel

Address Sinaloa 237, Col. Roma Norte Cuauhtémoc, D.F. 06700

E-mail address:

Phone number: 55 5256 3603.

For what purpose do we gather and use your personal data?

  • To provide the requested products.
  • Meet your requirements of information, attention and service.
  • Evaluate the quality of service we offer.
  • Filing of records and documentation of contractual bond for monitoring of future services.
  • Financial management, invoicing and charge.
  • Fulfill the obligations and commitments acquired with you.

In addition, we will be able to use your personal data for:

  • Promotion and marketing of products and services.
  • Offer new products and services in accordance with your interests and needs.
  • Make recurring evaluations of our products and services in order to improve their quality.
  • Notify about new services or products related with previously contracted or acquired.
  • Newsletters and statements about our organization.

What personal data do we obtain and from where?

For above mentioned purposes we can gather your personal data in different ways:

  • When you visit our Website or use our online services.
  • By phone.
  • When you provide them to us personally.
  • When we get information through other public access sources allowed by law (Phone or labor directories, websites, etc.).

Personal data that we gather:

  • Contact information (Name, E-mail, Address, Phone, Cellphone)
  • Financial information and payment forms (Credit or debit cards, checks)
  • Tax Information (Mexican tax ID [RFC], address for tax invoicing),
  • Social Network identification (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google.

We require your consent (acceptance) for managing of your sensitive personal data, and we are committed to manage them under the most restricted security measures to grant their confidentiality. I consent and agree my sensitive personal data to be managed according to terms and conditions of this privacy notice. _________________________________________ Name and signature of holder.


How to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose to use and managing of your personal data (ARCO Rights) or revoke your consent for management of your data?

You have constitutional right to Access and know personal data that we possess and details of management and use of them, as well as to Rectify and correct them in case that they are imprecise or incomplete; Cancel and eliminate them when you consider that they are not required for any of purposes stipulated in this privacy notice, or when they are used for purposes unauthorized by you or when contractual or service relationship are finished, or also, to Oppose to management of this information for specific purposes.

Implemented mechanisms for exercise of your ARCO Rights, as well as deadlines, information and documentation that your request must include must be requested at the following e-mail:

How can you restrict the use and revelation of your personal data?

If you want to stop receiving messages from us that are not essential to provide above mentioned services to you, send your request to our Personal Data Protection Department, where we will inform about implemented mechanisms for this purpose.

How to revoke the consent for managing of your personal data?

If you want to revoke the consent given to us for use of your personal data, send your request to our Personal Data Protection Department where we will inform you about implemented mechanisms for this purpose.

Transfer of personal data.

Your personal data will not be Transfer to third parties or companies. In order to accomplish requirements established in this Privacy Notice, data will be only Delivered to people or companies marked as Managers.

Modifications to privacy notice.

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice for attention of legislative changes, internal policies or new requirements for provision or offering of our services or products. These modifications will be informed to you by the same means used to gather your personal data.

Use of cookies, web beacons and JavaScript.

Cookies are small pieces of information sent automatically by our website, which are stored in your browser. In this way website can check this information to know previous activity from user and accelerate some procedures such as keep session active or identify sections of website you already visited. Web beacons along with JavaScripts of web measures allow storing information about use standards of our website. We inform that we use these tools to obtain statistic information like the following:

  • Kind of browser and operating system, visited websites, visit origin, access IP address, time of stay in our website, among other statistic data.
  • Cookies, JavaScript and other monitoring and tracking techniques may be disabled, therefore, disable them could generate malfunctions on the website or some of its functions.

Before whom can you introduce your complaints and reports for incorrect use of your personal data?

If after exercising your ARCO Rights before Pineda Covalin, S.A de C.V. by means of mechanisms stipulated in this Privacy Notice, you consider that response has been unsatisfactory or incomplete; or you presume that your right of personal data protection has been infringed upon any conduct or from us; or have evidence that there is any violation in the management of your persona data according to resolutions stated in Federal Personal Data Protection Law in Possession of Individual Privates, you will be able to give notice of a complaint before the IFAI. For more information visit: